Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Management

STRAIT Pipeline and Facility Construction and Maintenance


Quality Assurance And Quality Control

STRAIT Projects is dedicated to delivering good quality and reliable work. Our quality performance is evidenced by the fact that we have never in company history been required to rework or repair a single project due to an issue with its quality of construction.

Our quality assurance and quality control (QAQC) standards and processes are constantly monitored and revised to ensure we uphold industry best practices. A key to our quality performance is instilling our quality culture through onboarding, training and educating all personnel from their date of hire. In addition to our company internal QAQC processes, each project is inspected as constructed by an on-site client representative or third party consultant to ensure quality compliance during construction.


Healthy & Safety

The safety of our employees, clients and stakeholders is of top importance to us. STRAIT Projects is committed to upholding a safe work environment on each and every project we undertake. Our comprehensive safety program, orientations and on-going employee training sets up our employees for success in safety performance. STRAIT Projects’ objective is to achieve zero lost time incidents by promoting the importance of safe operations not only in our construction methods, but also across all facets of our business. This leads our team to proactively pursue continual improvement of existing methods, processes and communication.



STRAIT Projects takes care and detail to lessen the impact and preserve landscapes surrounding our project work areas. Our delivery method is designed to make the construction and installation process as environmentally conscious as possible. We understand the potential risks associated with underground and civil construction and are committed to upholding our environmental policy as well as following the lead of client’s environmental programs. We strive to restore project sites to their natural state and are committed to minimizing potential disturbance to wildlife and the surrounding environment to limit our impact.

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