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STRAIT provides facility fabrication, construction, and installation services for well site, compressor stations and gas plant facilities. Our facility construction services complement and accompany gathering and midstream pipeline infrastructure that are needed for the ongoing operation of pipeline assets. An integrated approach to pipeline and facility construction allows us to realize project delivery and cost efficiencies for our clients, without compromising quality.

We also offer a full range of pre-fabrication, building module fabrication, and site installation services that can be coordinated with the mobilization of our pipeline crews and equipment. Our turnkey installation and fabrication services are supported from our fully equipped yard and shop in Fort St. John, B.C.

STRAIT Pipeline and Facility Construction and Maintenance


This stage of facility construction includes all planning, budgeting and client meeting involved in approving a project prior to commencing construction. Our capabilities involve:

  • Building AFE budgets
  • Creating manpower and equipment loading schedules
  • Sources materials and subcontractors
  • Conducts or attends pre-job meetings with the customer to discuss job scope and other related issues


This stage includes all fabrication, construction, customization, installation and field-work required to deploy a facility. Our facility construction capabilities involve:

  • Prefabrication
  • Site foundations (piling)
  • Transportation of equipment and piping
  • Setting of equipment
  • Field tie-ins
  • Final painting and testing
  • Commissioning
  • Fabrication (vessel fabrication, stainless welding and carbon steel welding)


STRAIT’s post facility construction process includes all clean-up, verification and completion work done during and after site clean-up to commission a project, involving:

  • Follow up client meetings
  • Quality Control handover (including test charts, MTRs, etc.)

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