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Specializing in installation, replacement and repair of gathering systems and midstream pipelines. STRAIT offers turnkey pipeline construction and project delivery. Through the combination of our legacy companies, we are one of the largest pipeline and facility construction and maintenance service providers in Western Canada; and, over the past decade have grown to become a preferred pipeline construction company within the industry.

Our capabilities allow us to install single pipeline spreads or pipe bundles of all types of pipelines including: HDPE, steel, fibreglass, and composite. Through our considerable project experience, we have built an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the Western Canadian geotechnical landscape. We understand what it takes to operate and excel in difficult and remote terrain from muskeg to mountains. Our extensive equipment resources allow us to provide a complete solution for all stages of the pipeline lifecycle from construction, installation and certification phases.

STRAIT Pipeline and Facility Construction and Maintenance


STRAIT’s pre-construction process includes all of the planning, budgeting, and client meetings involved in a project before breaking ground. Our capabilities during this phase include:

  • Building AFE budgets
  • Assisting in the selection of the routing of pipelines
  • Creating manpower and equipment loading schedules
  • Sources materials and subcontractors
  • Conducts or attends pre-job meetings with the customer to discuss job scope and other related issues


Our pipeline construction process includes all on-site construction, customization, installation and field work required to complete a project. STRAIT’s capabilities involve:

  • Logging and clearing of the right of way
  • Burning of non-salvageable timber
  • Topsoil stripping and grade work
  • String, bending and welding the pipe
  • Coating the pipeline
  • Lowering and tying in the pipeline
  • Backfilling the trench
  • Testing and commissioning of the pipe
  • Final right of way clean-up, topsoil replacement


Our post pipeline construction includes all work completed during and after site clean-up to test, certify and formally complete a project including:

  • Quality Control handover (including test charts, GPS weld mapping, MTR’s, etc.)
  • Final clean-up

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